TÜV Süd Livestream 2022

Annual kick-off, company meeting and hybrid livestreams: Stream1’s half-year review

If you love your job, you’ll never have to work another day – and we love our job! Especially when we can solve problems with our livestreams and make our customers happy. One day in Nuremberg, the next in Frankfurt and then straight to the picturesque Tegernsee: our schedule was full to the brim in the first six months of this year. With 65 livestreams, we were live on air almost every 3rd day on average this year. So let’s take a brief moment to catch our breath and review the most exciting moments.

Annual kick-off of the Bavarian Savings Banks in the livestream

Right at the start of the year, the color red made its way into our home. For several savings banks in Bavaria, we streamed a staff meeting and annual kick-off, among other events. The kick-off at the beginning of the year serves primarily to classify and evaluate the past year and to set the goals for the next year. In other words, an important fixture in the annual calendar of Sparkasse employees. That’s why a livestream is the ideal solution to get everyone on board and in the mood for the coming year. To access the livestream, we designed a landing page in the CI design of the Sparkasse including livestream player, program and chat tool.

mobile livestream studio at the savings bank
A live stream of the Stadtsparkasse München in the mobile studio

Munich Security Conference as a unique highlight

For three days in February, all eyes were on Munich. The Security Conference was held again in Munich. Numerous high-profile guests such as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, U.S. politician John Kerry, ex-CIA chief Petraeus, NATO General Geoana or Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander de Croo discussed the current security situation. In a cooperation with Lobeco, we operated a TV studio. In our mobile livestream studio directly from the Bayerischer Hof, we have implemented several live interviews, recordings of talk shows for TV stations such as CNN and web media such as GZERO Media, live feeds to various TV stations, e.g. to Romania, Belgium and Portugal, as well as digital press conferences, such as with the Japanese Foreign Minister. For all participants, the security conference was a unique experience.

Interview MSC Olaf Scholz
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz interviewed in our mobile TV studio on the MSC 2022

Hybrid events are the trend in 2022

Hybrid is the keyword this year. This combines the two advantages of a face-to-face event and a live stream. The city of Tegernsee is going the hybrid route and streaming council meetings online. Several committee meetings and plenary sessions were joined by councilors from their home offices. But it’s also easy to conduct citizen meetings in a hybrid fashion. For example, the municipality of Aying, south of Munich, held a hybrid citizens’ meeting. With an on-site audience and simultaneous live broadcast, Mayor Peter Wagner reached significantly more people than with just an on-site event or a pure livestream. So the trend is clearly toward hybrid events.

Citizens meeting Aying brewery
Citizens can participate in the hybrid citizens’ meeting on site or from home

Whether it’s a town hall meeting, a works meeting or a safety conference, we’re happy to receive any livestream. Not only do we facilitate participation and solve problems that way, but we also always meet friendly people on our assignments with whom we implement exciting livestream projects. We are looking forward to the next six months and are excited about what lies ahead.

Curious to see a livestream now? We would still have capacity in August, September and November. Simply call us without obligation at 0049 89 41 41 453 10.