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Conference technology Munich

Conference technology Munich - sound, light, video and image mixing

Reaching conference participants with top-quality live streaming

When it comes to meetings and events in Munich, the right conference technology is crucial. Sound, light and video play a central role in creating a successful and professional atmosphere.

We take a closer look at various aspects of conference technology in Munich and provide recommendations for high-quality solutions and the right personnel for your next conference.

Munich is known for its variety of venues and conference options. Hotels, seminar rooms, halls, restaurants and pure event locations offer a wealth of possibilities for events. When choosing the right conference technology and technology provider, you should look for quality, reliability and flexibility.

Professional staff from the event technology company will ensure that your presentations, lectures or discussions run smoothly with the appropriate equipment.

Veranstaltungstechnik München
Set-up for a conference in the entrance hall of Stadtsparkasse München Livestream equipment
Livestream Equipment
1A quality: the best sound technology for our customers for conference technology

Sound technology - tailored to the audience and the speaker

“The sound makes the music” is a proverb and that’s exactly how it is: good sound is crucial for your message to be understood by the audience. This is as banal as it is crucial – and yet it is forgotten time and again and no one has taken care of the audio technology.

To ensure the best possible audio quality and professionalism, high-quality microphones, speakers and sound systems are essential. Make sure that the sound system fits the size of the event space and that good speech intelligibility is ensured for all audience seats.

Light not only illuminates but also creates atmosphere

The right lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere and draw attention to what is important: the speakers and their content. Use professional lighting techniques to effectively stage a stage, a presentation area or a podium. Coloured lighting effects create atmosphere and bathe rooms in the organiser’s light.

The colours of the company are often used for the spotlights, which then throw cones of light onto the walls, for example, and thus create coloured glowing columns.

Above all, however, a professional provider of lighting technology should make sure that the stage and speakers are illuminated in such a way that they a) look good, b) are not dazzled and c) that the shaped cone of light does not interfere with the beamer presentation, for example.

Livestram Licht Technik
State-of-the-art equipment: our technology transforms any room into a TV studio
Mobile Kamera auf Messe
Live from Bauma: Guided tours in stream with a mobile camera

Video - before - after - during the conference shows real greatness

Video recording and projection are additional elements in a presentation of visual content and help to illustrate information even more clearly. High-resolution projectors, screens, LED monitors and video technology enable impressive presentations.

For events with a large audience, you should also consider following the speaker with cameras and projecting his or her image on the video wall. This is a suitable solution to the next point, because if you already need camera technology for your event to additionally film the speaker for all spectators to see, it is only a small step more to turn it into a livestream or a hybrid conference. The images generated are then processed in a live control room and streamed onto the Internet.

Therefore, consider a) enhancing your presentation with videos to entertain your audience on site and b) whether a camera-accompanied transmission on a large screen or c) a recording of the event or a livestream of your event promises additional attention. A professional event technology provider from Munich will be able to offer you comprehensive solutions here.

Hybrid solution - don't forget online participants!

Even after Corona, hybrid events both on-site and online are becoming increasingly popular. To organise a successful hybrid meeting, you should rely on a combination of professional conference technology Munich and a reliable streaming infrastructure. Ensure that participants are equally immersed in the live and online event and enjoy the best audio and video quality.

One of our key learnings for hybrid events is: don’t forget the online participants! Or the other way around: with online formats, address the audience in front of the screens and smartphones first and foremost!

An example: If there is an exhibition during the break at a conference: Display the exhibition online so that the participants who are connected can also participate. There are countless solutions for this. You just have to want it!

Haus und Grund Jahresversammlung Livestream
Hybrid conferences combine the advantages of both types of events
Stream1 Referenz vom Bayerischen Sozialministerium
1A quality: Best Google ratings from renowned customers

Convincing references from the event technology provider

For high-quality conference technology in Munich, we recommend our services from Stream1. The experienced event technology provider from Munich offers tailor-made services for every event.

A few reference projects:

  • Hybrid conference “Experts Days” by Consilio.
  • Own Livestream Studio at the Munich Security Conference
  • Online press conference for the Bavarian Ministry of Justice

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