Intranet livestream

Intranet livestream

Live streaming internally with Stream1

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Livestreams in internal company networks pose major problems for companies and organizations. In many cases, the requirements for bandwidth and existing network access cannot be met in-house. The simultaneous retrieval of many users overloads the Internet access and the livestream breaks off.

Stream1 offers a tailor-made solution for this:

Peer-to-peer technology

With the so-called peer-to-peer technology, we offer a clever solution: computers participating in the webcast redistribute the stream internally. The viewers do not all access the stream from the same source on the Internet, but rather the computers in the internal network share individual data packets. This saves bandwidth and the livestream runs flawlessly for all viewers of the stream. No additional plug-ins or installations are required for the participants.

SSKM Livestream
Stream1 offers tailor-made solutions for livestreams in internal company networks
SSKM Livestream
We can incorporate votes, surveys and chats directly into a livestream

Intranet livestream with Stream1

We support you in the transmission of your event from the conception to the implementation of your intranet event. In addition to the classic production of the livestream with high-quality camera, sound and lighting technology, we make our portal available to you. This allows you to enable voting, surveys and chats directly in the livestream. We will then make the video stream available to you on a protected website. Of course, it is also possible to embed it directly on your internal website.

No additional software is required for your viewers. Our servers are in Nuremberg and all features are GDPR-compliant. Using a data protection-compliant tracker, we can also record the accesses and reactions of viewers.

Are you interested in permanent livestreams in your company? We would also be happy to advise you on setting up and running internal company livestreams.