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Press conference

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Reach the press with top quality livestream

Press conferences are an important part of external communication for companies, organizations and authorities. As a full-service provider of livestream solutions, we regularly stream press conferences from Munich.

We usually stream press conferences with three cameras from different perspectives for a varied final image. Of course, other cameras are theoretically possible

Of course, external connections can also be implemented at any time, or moderators or slides and graphics can be displayed. It is also possible to connect a moderator from our Green Screen Studio.

We stream your PK on your website, social media or on our password-protected portal with a server in Germany. Invited representatives of the press can communicate with you there directly via chat or live commentary. Of course, there is also the option of connecting the journalists themselves via the microphone.

Like in the TV studio: Our control desk at the press conference in the Ministry of Finance
Pressekonferenz Weckruf
Live from the Ministry of Justice: PK with Ministers of the Interior and Ministers of Justice

Press conference Hybrid Event

Hybrid press conferences are becoming increasingly popular. Some press representatives are locally on site and others vote digitally via the Internet. This enables you to reach more journalists than with a purely on-site press conference.

Our portal is ideal for broadcasting the hybrid press conference, in which we design a landing page in the colors of your company. There you can provide the journalists with additional information about you and receive access statistics.

Virtual press conference

A virtual press conference takes place without journalists on site. Instead, representatives of the press are invited by email and receive a link to access our portal. This access can be password-protected and journalists can chat with you directly if they wish.

The advantage of a virtual press conference: You don’t have to rent a large room, you can stream directly from your company. On request, we can also offer you our Livestream Studio Munich for press conferences.

Your press conference with Stream1

Our picture quality is high-resolution, our sound and lighting technology is state-of-the-art. In addition, our staff have years of experience with TV productions and film shoots.

The equipment is usually set up the day before the actual live stream. In the case of a press conference in the afternoon or evening from Munich, it is also possible to set up on the same day.

For a professional result, it is important for us to take samples before the actual press conference. That’s why we go through the process with you and your speakers one more time 1-2 hours before the start of the official event.

You will then receive a recording of the livestream that you can send directly to the journalists.

Livestram Licht Technik
State-of-the-art equipment: Our technology transforms every room into a studio
Stream1 Referenz vom Bayerischen Sozialministerium
1A quality: Best Google ratings from renowned customers

Convincing references

Regardless of whether it is a classic press conference, annual press conference or general meeting: We have the necessary experience to digitally broadcast a press conference seriously and in high quality.

A few reference projects:

  • Press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the subject of mobile phone coverage
  • Annual review from Sono Motors
  • Annual Press Conference Tourism 2020 with Minister of Economic Affairs Aiwanger

We would be happy to discuss your press conference in a non-binding conversation: 089 41 41 453 10

We look forward to you!