Lighting Technology Munich

Lighting Technology Munich

Professional lighting technology Munich for every event

Perfect illumination of the room

Light shapes event spaces. It plays a major role in the design of events in Munich. Professional lighting technology and technicians not only ensure appropriate illumination of the room, but also create real atmosphere and mood at an event. As an experienced team for event lighting in Munich, we would like to summarise our important findings for you.

Munich shines! Through its people, light figures and, of course, its events. Not only at the Oktoberfest is Munich a point of light visible from afar. At conferences, trade fairs, galas or cultural events, you won’t be disappointed in Munich either.

Professional event lighting from Munich
LED-Lichtschirme Veranstaltungstechnik München
Create a special atmosphere with coloured light umbrellas

Three variants for the right exposure

When planning an event in Munich, it is important to use the right lighting technology from an experienced supplier.

Mood lighting: Lighting helps to create a certain atmosphere and influence the mood of the participants. Indirect lighting, colour changes and lighting effects can create the desired atmosphere.

Accent lighting: Targeted accent lighting can be used to highlight certain areas or objects. This draws the attention of participants to important elements such as stages, lecterns or exhibition stands.

Decorative lighting: For special events, lighting can also be used as a decorative element. Creative lighting installations, projections or light sculptures can make the event visually appealing.

Flexible and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution.

Battery-powered LED lights offer a flexible and practical solution for event lighting. With their mobile power supply, they allow independent use without the need for power cables or sockets. This facilitates the installation and placement of the lights at different venues, both indoors and outdoors.

High energy efficiency and durability are the hallmarks of battery-powered LED event lights. They offer a long operating time and a wide range of colour options and effects that perfectly complement the atmosphere and mood of the event. The ability to customise light intensity and colours allows for versatile design and creates impressive visual effects. LED event lights are therefore an ideal choice for event planners looking for a flexible, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution.

The Astera AX10 luminaires can be integrated into any setting thanks to rechargeable batteries
Backlighting on livestream set in Munich

Modern LED lights for more sustainability

Lighting design is an important part of event design in Munich. We always look at the following points and recommend it to you as well.

Technical equipment: Make sure that the lighting technology meets the requirements of your event. From spotlights and moving heads to LED lighting and special effects, make sure you have the right technical equipment.

Efficiency and sustainability: Modern lighting technology offers opportunities for energy saving and sustainability. LED lighting systems are energy-efficient and long-lasting, which reduces both environmental impact and costs.

Our recommendations for event technology

If you are looking for professional lighting technology for your event in Munich, we recommend our Stream1 team. This is because Stream1 is a renowned provider of event technology and offers customised solutions for lighting technology, sound and video technology and stage design. With their experienced team and high-quality equipment, you can ensure that your event in Munich will make your guests shine.

Runde Bühne für SSKM Unternehmertag - alles in rot
Battery-operated LED lights for in typical Sparkasse red
Livestream Studio Lampe
Smaller luminaires also make your conference setting shine


The right lighting technology is a decisive factor for the success of events in Munich. It not only contributes to visibility and safety, but also to creating an impressive atmosphere. With professional lighting technology, your event in Munich will be a real experience.