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Audio Technology Munich

Clear sound for conferences, town halls, events and discussions

Professional Audio Technology for Conferences in Munich

Professional audio technology for conferences, town hall meetings or panel discussions in Munich is expected as standard today.

High-quality audio technology, clear sound and balanced sound levels – controlled by experienced personnel – this may be expected as a “minimum requirement” today.

On this page we introduce Stream1 and its professional solutions for Audio Technology Munich.

Munich and its trade fair city of Riem regularly host a large number of events. Whether it’s a large conference, a town hall event or a panel discussion, the quality of the sound technology plays a crucial role in the success of the event. A clear and balanced sound transmission is essential to ensure that all participants can follow the messages and discussions without restrictions.

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Our technology, including sound technology, is completely mobile and can be set up anywhere.
Alibaba also relies on Stream1 and a live broadcast of a conference

Overcoming language barriers with simultaneous technology and interpreters

Interpreters and simultaneous technology are used at events to ensure communication between participants from different language groups. Typical areas of use are international conferences, congresses or corporate events. We hire interpreters who translate simultaneously in real time. Simultaneous technology enables the interpreters to transmit their translations directly into the participants’ headsets so that lectures, presentations or discussions in different languages can be followed. Interpreting and simultaneous technology breaks down the language barrier and enables effective communication at international events.

We see that AI technology is becoming more and more prevalent in this area and is acting as an alternative to traditional simultaneous interpretation. In some cases, smartphone apps are used here, which participants download onto their mobile devices and thus receive the live subtitles at the event directly on their smartphones.

Three tips for audio technology at conferences

We have recommendations on what should be considered in the area of audio technology for conferences and larger events in Munich:

High-quality conference microphones: brand quality makes all the difference. We only use products from well-known manufacturers as conference microphones to ensure that there is no interference or restriction. Clip-on wireless microphone systems, boom microphones as headsets and wireless gooseneck microphones offer flexibility and good speech intelligibility at the same time.

Loudspeaker systems: As a sound technology provider, we choose a suitable speaker system that covers the event space optimally. With the even distribution of the sound, we can ensure that every participant can follow the speakers well.

Mixing console and audio setup: A professional mixing console and careful audio system setup are crucial to achieve perfect sound quality. Our audio engineers can ensure the right balance between audio sources and channels, even during the event. Our tip: If you allow time before the event, all speakers can do a short sound test so that the sound engineer can adjust.

Interview CNN Stoltenberg
NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg uses a clip-on microphone for his interview
Microsoft Teams Live Event München Agentur
Live from the premises of TÜV Süd: Broadcast of a seminar

Townhall meetings- on site, hybrid or as livestream

Townhall meetings are events where managers or company representatives enter into an open dialogue with employees, for example. Townhall meetings can be held on-site in a room or hybrid or livestreamed. We have identified three points to look out for:

Microphones for Q&A sessions: We ensure that microphones for questions and answers from the audience are well distributed so that communication runs smoothly. Handheld microphones on a stand, handed by a staff member or wireless cube microphones are expected by the audience today.

Audio streaming: If the town hall meeting is broadcast online, additional attention must be paid to a reliable streaming infrastructure. In this way, we ensure that the speakers can also be understood online in a first-class manner.

Loudspeakers: discreet and elegant. Because even with loudspeakers there are differences not only in sound quality, but also in design. Less is more here. Smaller, inconspicuous loudspeakers placed correctly provide great sound.

Panel discussions and the right Audio

Panel discussions bring experts together on a stage to discuss a topic. Often the audience is allowed to contribute with questions. We would like to highlight three important points for sound technology here as well:

Microphone setup: Each panel member should have his or her own microphone. Actually, this goes without saying, but we occasionally see other settings that are not recommended. Current conference microphones are either plugged into the precinct or attached as a bracket over the back of the head. The headsets often look like upturned glasses, but they do their job reliably: Pick up first-class sound where it is produced.

Mixing console and press splitter: An experienced sound technician regulates the volume levels of the various microphones and creates a balanced sound mix. Sometimes a separate mix is needed for different applications. For example, if the discussion is amplified both on site via the loudspeakers and via livestream. Especially at events that are accompanied by the press and a camera team, you show your professionalism when you offer the journalists a press splitter. This is like a distribution box to which cameramen and representatives of radio stations can plug in their equipment and get the sound directly from the source.

Moderation: For panel discussions, we always recommend assigning a moderator to lead the discussion. This creates structure and clarity for the speakers and for your audience. You will see, a good moderation will add extra sparkle to your event.

SSKM Private Banking
Panel discussion as livestream from the entrance hall of Stadtsparkasse München
Livestream Producer Andy
1A-Quality: High-quality sound technology from Stream1 for conferences

Our recommendation for event technology

If you are looking for high-quality audio technology and sound engineers for your event in Munich, we recommend our services from Stream1. Stream1 is an experienced provider of event technology and offers customised solutions for conferences, town hall meetings, events and discussions. With our professional team and high-quality audio technology, we can ensure that your event is a complete success.


The right audio technology plays a crucial role in conferences, town hall meetings, events and discussions in Munich. A clear, professional sound transmission is essential for the success of an event. Make sure that your events only use high-quality audio technology, operated by professionals, that is tailored to the requirements of your event. With the right tools and professional support, you can be sure that your message will be heard and your event will be best remembered.

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Professional sound transmission essential for the success of an event