sustainability & commitment

sustainability & commitment

Sustainable corporate governance and social commitment

We not only support your company with sustainable events, but also take care of a sustainable future in-house. In our opinion, economic success and sustainability should go hand in hand.

Social responsibility is just as important to us as environmental issues. That is why we regularly donate four-figure sums to charitable organizations such as Sternstunden e.V.. We are also committed to social causes and have been supporting students every year since 2021 as part of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program.


Sustainable events

We all bear responsibility for the future. That is why we see the change in digitalization and environmental awareness primarily as an opportunity to actively support companies in their transformation. With live streams, you can achieve a CO2reduction of up to 100% at an online event, for example.

But even the middle way – the hybrid event – protects the environment and conserves resources. Logistical challenges such as planning accommodation, catering and waste disposal can be resolved or at least minimized.

Duty of care towards the environment in the corporate concept

Stream1 not only uses live streams to contribute to effective climate protection in individual companies, but also has its own internal sustainability strategy.

To name a few examples: We finance the Deutschlandticket for our employees and thus offer an increased incentive to use public transportation. We also automated the heating in the office over the winter months and controlled it conveniently via an app. We also use the waste heat from our internal servers by redirecting it to the offices. This saves us a considerable amount of energy. The external servers at Hetzner in Nürnberg are environmentally friendly, as they are powered by 100% green electricity (hydroelectric power). But every single Stream1 employee also contributes to sustainability with supposedly small things like taking food with them in glass containers.



supply chain protection law

Due to its size, Stream1 is not yet subject to the Supply Chain Protection Act (LkSG). Nevertheless, we have decided to voluntarily fulfil the obligations of the LkSG within the scope of our possibilities. Click on the button below to access the declaration of principles.


SOS-Kinderdorf gives children a future. With 684 locations in 138 countries, the association is one of the largest non-governmental, politically and denominationally independent organizations in the world. The first SOS Children’s Village in Austria was founded in 1949. There are now 575 SOS-Kinderdörfer around the world. Under the motto “Giving children hope and a future”, the association is committed to helping children and young people in particular. Disadvantaged young people, young adults and families receive the support they need through numerous initiatives and projects such as contact points, consultation hours and child daycare. But the association also makes a valuable contribution to development and emergency aid. In poorer countries in particular, SOS Kinderdorf provides children with schooling and education as well as medical and psychological care. SOS Kinderdorf also contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Stream1 regularly supports the association in the implementation of livestreams and film projects – usually specifically aimed for private sponsors and donors.

Germany Scholarship

As a sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, we are socially committed and thus support students in their careers.
The Deutschlandstipendium has been supporting high-achieving students at state-recognized and state universities throughout Germany since 2010. Not only grades are considered in the awarding process, but also social commitment and special personal achievements. The universities themselves are responsible for the selection process for scholarship holders. In 2022, 30,491 students from 297 participating universities were funded nationwide. Half of the monthly contribution that scholarship holders receive is financed by the federal government and the other half by private sponsors (who raised 32 million euros in 2022 alone) such as companies, foundations and private individuals. In this way, students’ top performance is specifically promoted.
We have also been a private sponsor since 2022 and are delighted to be able to support motivated students at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. After all, agency owner Martin Prankl himself studied at the same university.

Sternstunden Spende

Sternstunden e.V.

The charitable organization Sternstunden e.V. is primarily committed to helping sick, disabled and needy children. Based in the state capital of Munich, the Bavarian association is active worldwide. Last year, Sternstunden e.V. received donations amounting to 25.67 million euros. This money is used to realize various projects. For example, for a vital infusion backpack for children and young people suffering from Niemann-Pick disease. The rare hereditary disease leads, among other things, to swelling of the liver and spleen, which causes further secondary diseases. The work of Sternstunden e.V. is not limited to Germany, but projects are also initiated and supported in Africa, Asia and South America. In Asia, for example, emergency aid was provided for families affected by the earthquake, while a daycare center and a center for the disabled were built in Colombia. We support Sternstunden e.V. with a four-figure donation to make a small contribution to providing vital aid.

Global Brigades

Global Brigades is a non-governmental organization for intercultural exchange and development cooperation. Under the motto “Inspire, mobilize and work”, the association focuses on sustainable projects and initiatives. Students from all over the world get involved and build sanitary facilities and wells for clean drinking water, for example. This massively improves the quality of life in the area, reduces the spread of disease and enables the affected communities to lift themselves out of poverty and develop in the long term. Global Brigades funds all of its programs, leadership development and administrative costs through the fundraising efforts of more than 500 Global Brigades University chapters around the world. We take clean water and a toilet for granted, but other people find them difficult to access. That is why we supported Global Brigades in their project (to provide sanitary facilities and clean water in two Ghanaian villages) with a donation.

Klasse 2000

We support Klasse2000 with a sponsorship. The primary school teaching program promotes health care and prevents addiction and violence. In around 15 lessons per school year, the children learn to live healthier lives through play. With the help of exciting experiments, interesting materials and fun games, the topic of healthy living is brought closer to primary school children and is thus firmly anchored in their minds. The topics are presented in a child-friendly way by teachers. These range from healthy eating and non-violent conflict resolution to saying “no” to smoking and alcohol. The primary school teachers then delve deeper into the topics developed with the Klasse2000 health promoters. Unfortunately, topics such as healthy eating, resolving conflicts peacefully and saying “no” can no longer be taken for granted these days and are not always addressed by parents. That’s why we got involved: Class 4b at the Helfendorf elementary school in Aying (in the south of Munich) can learn all these important skills in a fun way.