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Video technology Munich

Video Technology Munich - Conference, Event, Hybrid

Reaching the right target group with videos

With the right video technology from Munich, your event will be even more successful. Many events take place in the state capital every day. The battle for the attention of the people of Munich is also reflected in the design of conferences and events.

Video technology plays a particularly important role in hybrid event formats, for example. On this page, we would like to devote ourselves entirely to the topic of video technology in Munich and provide tips on the advantages of integrating projectors, projection, event video, event video and LED walls for your event.

Interview CNN Stoltenberg
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview at the Munich SiKo
Whitepaper Messe Livestream München
With a mobile camera, live streaming can be done from anywhere

The importance of video technology for conferences and events

Projectors and projection technology enable event organisers to display high-quality visual content such as presentations, videos and graphics on large screens or canvases. Due to the high resolution and brightness of beamers, the content is not only clearly visible, but it almost “burns” itself into the minds of the audience. But all joking aside: classic projection with beamers and projection technology create an immersive environment and help you to capture the attention of the audience.

But: Remember that a beamer can only be as good as the presentation shown on it. So before the projector, invest in the presentation, its expressiveness, design and possibly in yourself if you are the presenter. No matter how brightly the beamer shines, the spark will not fly if the content is stagnant.

LED wall for videos, animations and graphics

An LED wall is an impressive visual element used at events to create dynamic and visual experiences. An LED wall consists of many small LED modules that together form a large display.

It enables the display of videos, animations, graphics and other visual content in high resolution and brilliant colours. An LED wall attracts the attention of the audience and can also be used as a background for stage performances, presentations or as an eye-catcher.

Stream1 Sono
Modern PTZ cameras can be operated by joystick
Livestream Studio München
The livestream is a great content source for social media.

Event video and event video for social media

Recording events and creating event videos is a great way to capture the highlights of an event and share them with a wider audience. Event videos can be used for marketing purposes, to target future attendees or to showcase the event on the website or social media. Professional video technology can be used to capture high-quality footage that captures the character and atmosphere of the event and invites viewers to be a part of it.

In addition to an event video, think about live video directly at the event. For example, should a speech be broadcast to other rooms? Or should the speaker also be visible on the LED wall in the background for the large audience? Then a camera set with live direction and video transmission technology would be just the right thing for your event.

Advantages of professional video technology

Improved visibility and impact: Professional video technology helps to ensure that presentations and visual content are clearly visible, both to the live audience and to participants joining the event online. Clear images and well-placed displays increase impact and effectively convey the event’s messages. And it simply looks good!

Increase engagement and interaction: Using video technology makes events more interactive and engaging. Live videos, chat features and the ability to participate remotely allow viewers to actively participate and voice their opinions or questions. This encourages engagement and creates a dynamic atmosphere.

Better documentation and archiving: Professional video technology makes it possible to record and archive events in high quality. A well-documented event can also be used to create highlight videos or summaries. Perhaps you also want to create a trailer for your next event already at your next event?

PTZ Kameraset für Kochshow in München
PTZ cameras mounted on the ceiling provide a new perspective
Canon PTZ-Kamera
Video technology can be easily integrated into any event setting


It is not only in Munich that video technology plays a crucial role in the staging of conferences, events and hybrid events. The use of beamers, projection, event video, event video and LED wall enhances the visual presentation, creates immersive experiences and promotes participant engagement.

Professional video technology enables events to be successfully documented and used in the long term. Especially for hybrid events, video technology is of course indispensable. If you are planning an event in Munich, you should not underestimate the advantages of current video technology and benefit from its possibilities.