The top 3 trends for livestreams in 2024

Livestreaming has become an indispensable tool in marketing and video production. Exciting developments lie ahead in 2024. We asked our livestream producers Martin, Michael, Andy and Jakob what they think are the top trends for 2024.

Livestream shopping conquers Europe

Livestream shopping will undoubtedly be one of the most ground-breaking trends of 2024. TikTok leading the way by launching the livestream shopping function in Europe in the middle of the year. This opens up completely new opportunities for brands to present themselves and their products to a broad target group.

In addition to the technology used for production, the content and moderation components are absolutely paramount here. The interaction with the chat, i.e. the viewers and the entertainment character, is more important than the pure presentation of the products. It is not only the pure presentation of products that counts, but above all the engagement with the viewers. Brands large and small can use livestream shopping to establish a direct connection with their target group and receive real-time feedback.

FPV drones and new camera angles

Another fascinating trend that will conquer the livestreaming world in 2024 is the use of FPV drones and, above all, unconventional camera angles. Technological advances have made it easier and cheaper to realise unique perspectives. Streaming providers are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, using specialised angles such as mobile cameras, drones, jibs, cranes and spider cams.

Instead of the usual perspectives, the use of FPV drones and other special cameras offers a fresh angle that captivates the audience and significantly improves the quality of the live stream.

Livestreams of small events on the rise

The days when livestreams were reserved exclusively for large corporations, the Bundesliga or state politics are finally over. In 2024, more and more municipalities, sports clubs, cultural associations, companies and public authorities are recognising the value of livestreams. Small events are increasingly being broadcast live, significantly increasing their reach.

Access to live streaming technology is no longer the exclusive preserve of large companies. The democratisation of livestreaming also enables smaller players to make their messages accessible to the target group. This development opens up a wide range of opportunities for local communities and companies to present their events to a wider audience.

Addendum: Livestreaming in Bavarian law

The livestream revolution does not stop at politics. The amendment to municipal law in the Bavarian law integrates livestreams as an instrument of transparency and participation. Local meetings and decisions can now be followed in real time, heralding a new era of proximity to citizens and democratic participation. We have also written a white paper on precisely this topic. It can be downloaded for free at the following link:

Overall, 2024 promises to be an exciting time for livestreaming, characterised by interactive shopping experiences, breathtaking camera angles and an increasing democratisation of livestreaming in all areas of society.