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From Gaming to Just Chatting – the Basics of Twitch

Twitch is the platform for live streams. In this article, you can find out how many users Twitch has every day, what the difference is to YouTube and which target group is active on Twitch.

Around 16 million people worldwide use Twitch every day. This makes Twitch one of the best-known and largest platforms for live streaming. The highlight: all content is produced live. The viewers can co-determine and actively shape the action themselves. This creates an exchange between streamers and viewers.

Twitch is no longer a pure gaming platform

The biggest prejudice against Twitch is that it is only a pure gaming platform. Of course, livestreams about games like Fortnite, League of Legends or Rocket League still make up a large part of the platform. But other formats such as lifestyle, music, sports, cooking, outdoor and just chatting are established on Twitch. For example, the Just Chatting category is the number one most popular format. And many brands also regularly use the marketing potential on the platform. So it’s time to take a closer look at Twitch.

The structure of a live stream on Twitch

Twitch Agency Munich Basics Screenshot
The Kiosk A screenshot of a Twitch livestream of the channel “Der Kiosk Original”.

A livestream consists of these four elements:

The live video

The main component of every livestream. This is where the content creator shows his content and streams his gaming screen, for example. But cooking shows or make-up tutorials are also shown here, among other things.

The streamer

The streamer is displayed as a picture-in-picture. Viewers can thus follow his or her reaction to the livestream. The position can be decided by the streamer himself.

The Live Chat

In the right bar is one of the main features on Twitch: the live chat. This is where the audience interacts directly with the streamer. Since many viewers watch regularly, this is often in a familiar tone.

The stream info

Below the live stream, you will find stream info such as current viewer numbers. Streamers can also place paid advertising banners from companies there.

The difference between Youtube and Twitch

What is the difference between Youtube and Twitch? In principle, both platforms offer the same functions. Both Twitch and Youtube allow live streaming, viewers can comment live and thus actively shape the stream. Depending on the settings, the streamer on Twitch can save his or her video so that users can also view older contributions. However, Youtube is more widely known for its videos and clips, while Twitch is seen as a livestream platform. Although Youtube has its own livestream service – Youtube Gaming – its user numbers are still far from Twitch.

The target group on Twitch

But what exactly is the target group that can be reached on Twitch? And how does it differ from target groups on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? The target group is as diverse as the topics that are streamed on Twitch. 73 per cent of them are viewers between the ages of 16 and 34. This is a very young target group that cannot be reached on Facebook, for example. Two thirds of the users are also male.

Another special feature on Twitch is the users’ acceptance of advertisements. They are aware that the streamer earns his living by placing advertisements. So users are more willing to watch ads. Of course, this is only the case if they identify with the streamer and the ad fits the streamer.

In summary, it can be said that the target group on Twitch is very young and above all male. They are also more willing to accept advertising.

So Twitch is no longer a pure gaming platform. Other topics and formats are more popular and are at the top of the list, such as just chatting. Essential on Twitch is the connection between the streamer and his audience. As a livestream agency in Munich, we are familiar with the livestream genre. We even have our own entertainment livestream studio. Feel free to call Stream1 at 089 41 41 453 10 or send us an email at if you want to know more about Twitch and marketing.