Frau streamt live zu Instagram mit ihrem Smartphone

The best ideas for Instagram Live

There are many ideas for good Instagram Videos, Instagram Reels, Instagram Feeds on the Internet – but there are few tips and ideas for Instagram Live Videos. Martin Prankl is an expert for live streams and explains which ideas will make your Instagram Live a success. So that your followers switch on the stream and new users visit your profile.

A livestream on Instagram fulfills several goals. A live show binds loyal fans, offers those followers unique insights and the opportunity to interact directly with the influencer. At the same time, an Instagram live video ensures spontaneous experiences. While Instagram is characterized above all by glossy photos in the feed, which are often designed over hours, live shows, especially when the influencer goes live in public, can never be planned one hundred percent in advance.

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Tips and ideas for Instagram Live

Now I will describe the best and successful ideas for Instagram Live. This list of ideas can be extended indefinitely, search the internet for more ideas or try something new. Because the most important thing in every Instagram Live is the content creator or influencer. Be creative, be authentic and open to new ideas. Then your Instagram video will be successful as well as your whole channel. So grab your smartphone and go live on Instagram with these ideas.

Instagram Live classics: Q&A and AMA

Yes, I admit that there is hardly an influencer who has not yet done a Questions and answers (Q&A) and Ask me anything (AMA) live stream. My tip: Be specific. Don’t do a general Q&A live video, but for example a Q&A about your school days. The topic of the AMA live stream could then be “How did I get to be what I am now?” A special topic arouses curiosity and anticipation for the IG Live and thus creates a certain tension.

Boost Viewership: Announce your IG Live in story and feed

Announce your Instagram Live beforehand and choose a time when as many followers as possible are online and have the time and inclination for a live stream. Tell your followers about the topic in advance, so they know what they would be missing out on and try all the harder to be there in any case. Maybe the followers are already thinking about questions, which increases the commitment of the viewers.

Instagram Live with other influencers

Every Instagram user strives for growth, everyone wants to increase the number of followers. The best thing to do is find other influencers and do a live stream with them. It doesn’t have to be a stream between two similar profiles like two beauty influencers. Be creative, because basically there are no limits. The more unusual the combination of influencers, the more exciting the stream can be and the more completely new followers will discover your channel.

Go public: Live stream on the go

Why do we watch live events? Because they are authentic and spontaneous. A livestream from the public is much more exciting than from your desk at home. Whether from the bus, the street or a shop: the reaction of other people makes the stream exciting. Your followers will wonder how will the others react? Of course, pay attention to the rights of other people. Keyword personal rights

Live tutorial or live product presentation

This always works on Instagram: Promote the Instagram Live Tutorial in advance in a story, reel or in the feed. The followers who want to learn exactly this tutorial or have a question will save the date. This is how you increase the reach of your video.

Let viewers decide on Instagram Live

Go shopping with your followers/viewers and let your viewers decide which clothes you try on. On the one hand, you create excitement because the viewers want to see how you look in this dress or top. On the other hand, the viewers are happy when they influence the course of the live stream themselves.

Action in the live stream: Can it be a bit of a risk?

Go on an adventure with your viewers, take them on a “journey”. An example: Drive to FC Bayern soccer training session and try to get a player in the video. If that works, your followers will never forget it. In any case, your fans will look up to you as an influencer for your courage and they will stick with it to the end because they want to know if you can make it. You can also try something new in the live video, such as a high-risk sport.

Behind the scenes on Instagram

Also a classic of the social media world. Let your followers look behind the scenes of their Instagram star. How do you live, how do you produce content for Instagram? What is your setting for pictures, make-up or sound? Which programs do you use to edit the pictures that later end up in the feed or the Instagram story?

From Instagram Live to Reel

One last tip: Download your Instagram live video and edit a few highlights together as an Instagram reel. You can also re-comment the best scenes from IG Live for a reel.

What are the disadvantages of an Instagram Live for a content creator?

Live means live. Therefore, things can and will happen at some point that you did not anticipate. It is precisely this spontaneity that makes the appeal and authenticity of a live stream, but of course it can also lead to negative comments or, in the worst case, to a shitstorm. Don’t let that put you off an IG Live, you just have to be aware of it.

You also have to take into account that an Instagram Live will only be followed live by a fraction of the regular number of followers. The majority will be working, shopping or playing sports at the time of the live event. So you invest time and effort for a relatively small audience or reach. Although live streams can be saved in the feed, they are only actually viewed by a small proportion of followers afterwards.

These were my tips and ideas for a successful Instagram Live. Feel free to share this post with your friends. If you are interested in a professional live stream in the corporate environment, call us on: +49 89 41 41 453 10