Livestream technology

Livestream technology

we are perfectly equipped for streaming

Our cameras in the Stream1 Media Park

Sure, every live stream needs cameras. But which ones? Fortunately, we can choose from different cameras in our Stream1 Media Park. So-called PTZ cameras that can be swiveled, zoomed, rotated and remotely controlled have proven particularly effective. This means that one camera operator can control several cameras at the same time. We recommend the use of at least 3 cameras for a normal stream in order to be able to offer an entertaining streaming experience through different perspectives.

The advantage for customers: The remote control means that fewer personnel costs are incurred. Of course, we also work with mobile cameras, which are mainly used for product presentations or external streams.

Particularly popular at conferences and lectures: We fade in both the speaker and a second image (e.g. a graphic or presentation slide) in the final image.

camera ptz
Live stream with PTZ camera (left) and Sony cine camera (right)
Screenshot controller congress
Example: Individual website with chat function on German servers

Features and tools in our portal

Our Stream1 technology is the classic in our portfolio. We provide our customers with their own streaming environment. The livestream event is not only carried out by us, but also streamed directly in our access-protected portal with German servers. The layout is designed in your branding and your viewers are invited with an access link.

You can conduct surveys and votes in the portal. Participants of your live event can interact directly via chat and you can provide additional content or documents. The stream is completely customizable for you, we would be happy to program additional features on request. If you wish, you will receive a recording after the live event for further use.

Data protection at Stream1

Data protection is also becoming increasingly important in live streaming. That is why we put a focus here. Our servers are therefore not located in the USA, as with many other providers, but directly in Germany. Of course, the features of our Stream1 streaming portal are GDPR-compliant.

Convincing sound

Live streams thrive on strong images and flawless sound. Without good sound quality, a stream can quickly become torture for viewers. That is why we attach great importance to high-quality live stream technology when it comes to sound. Speakers or moderators can choose between headset microphones or clip-on and handheld microphones.

Of course, we can also import sound recordings or the sound of a video directly into the live stream. Our sound management controls the sound throughout the stream and compensates for any disruptions in a matter of seconds.

perfekter Sound mit passendem Mikro
High quality headsets for the perfect sound
Internet Bonding Modem
Internet Bonding combines multiple Internet connections for stable stream quality

Peer-to-peer technology

Our peer-to-peer technology protects the bandwidth in your company. Let’s assume that all employees in your company access an internal live stream at the same time. Then this “rush” of accesses would be a big problem. In the worst case, the live stream would break off for the participants. With our peer-to-peer technology, the participating computers distribute the stream internally. This saves bandwidth and all viewers see an optimal picture.

Internet bonding for stable streams

Internet bonding describes the bundling of several Internet and mobile radio signals. In this way we guarantee a stream of consistently high quality. Because the bonding intercepts a possible break in a connection by the other. The transmission is therefore not disturbed. Thanks to this multiple bundling, mobile streams with high image quality are also possible.

Livestream Studio Munich

There are many options for the location of a live stream. We mostly stream directly from the customer’s company, where we set up our equipment in advance. Our streaming studio in Munich is also ideal for press conferences or training courses. Our green screen studio is the best choice for virtual events. For larger livestream productions, we work together with external TV studios.

Zoom, Teams or Youtube: We stream everywhere

We stream across all platforms: Directly via our Stream1 portal with its own protected company subpage and German servers or on your website. We can also stream via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GoToWebinar. Of course, Social Media such as Facebook and Youtube are also important platforms.

Stream1 Studio
Our own stream1 streaming studio with 14 LED spotlights and HD cameras.

Thanks again for the great cooperation with the whole Stream1 team. It was professional throughout and we had great fun! Gladly again at any time 😊

Babette Haas, Marketing Director International
Hünnebeck Deutschland GmbH