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Five steps to a successful webinar – Webinar Production Munich

Webinar or webcast? Both terms are often used synonymously, but they do not mean the same thing. In this blog post we define webcast and webinar, show the advantages of a webinar and give tips on how to organise a webinar.

What is a webcast?

Webcast is the technology behind a webinar. The two terms are therefore connected. A webinar focuses on one thing above all: imparting knowledge. This can be done either through a livestream or thanks to pre-recorded knowledge seminars. Other tools help to impart knowledge, such as a password-protected online seminar with an interactive chat function.

What is a webinar?

In a webinar, the audience participates interactively and audiovisually, i.e. live or on-demand. Webinars can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and without previously installed software, thanks to their online presence. The online seminar can serve different purposes: within a company for business communication, for private further education in the form of e-learning or to establish leads within the target group.

How is a webinar organised?

When you think of an online seminar, you probably first think of the technology for a livestream. However, this should not necessarily be the first step. Determining a goal and topic, planning the content and management belong at the top of the list of considerations.

The first step: set a goal

What should your webinar be about? You should ask yourself this question at the very beginning of the planning process. A webinar can have different objectives: Do you want to persuade customers to buy your product/service? Or do you want to impart knowledge to your participants? A lively discussion during the webinar can also be a goal. Think about what occasion could motivate customers to participate and engage in your online seminar.

The audience for your webinar

The topic is set, you know exactly what the goal of the webinar should be. But have you already thought about your target group? You can differentiate your target group according to various criteria, such as age groups or professional experience. Depending on the target group, the marketing will also be different. Social media, email newsletters, ads on your websites and many other options are available. A small tip on the side: In times of information overload, some people no longer know which seminar they registered for. So it is quite possible that only half of the registered people actually take part in the online seminar. Therefore, remind your audience regularly and in a friendly manner about the webinar. Show your presence. For example, you can send an e-mail on the morning of the webinar day reminding them of their participation.

The right invitation management

The topic is set and the right target group has been selected. Then it’s time for the concrete implementation. Who should speak at the webinar? Would you like to conduct an interview? You can find suitable speakers for your online seminar simply by googling. But there are also special databases for speakers. The right form of address, reminders and organisation are required in invitation management, as is the correct coordination of the various speakers later on. Before the webinar itself, the speakers need to be briefed. The stream should be tested for quality and fluidity. We therefore recommend a test run a few hours before the stream with all participants.

The icing on the cake: the finishing touches

Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Plan the exact course of the webinar once you know the exact number of participants. Structure and outline, transitions, start and end slides are only part of the planning. Who speaks when, which presentation needs to be faded in and when, and is there an opportunity to ask questions? There is a big difference between knowledge-transmitting videos of one person, interviews or even interactive workshop videos.

Technology behind the webinar

As a Munich webinar agency, we guarantee you the best quality, a super camera image and an excellent end result with several cameras, mobile and/or static, microphones, lighting and coordinated teamwork. We also assist you with editing, preparation and follow-up, testing and the provision of the necessary technical equipment.

A webinar is therefore much more than just the technical component. Content planning, speaker organisation and invitation management and target group analysis play an equally important role. As a webinar agency in Munich, we can help you with the production and organisation of your webinar.

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