Schwanenhalsmikrofon als Sprechstelle mit Akku

VISSONIC: Wireless microphone units with rechargeable battery – Munich event technology hire

VISSONIC. The name is not so well known yet. But the demand is high! Wireless microphone units with rechargeable battery for conferences, meetings, round tables. Whether business or politics, corporation or association – meetings and larger gatherings expect reliable technology. It starts with the beamer and continues with the sound technology.
Imagine a small local council: 21 members. Everyone should be able to speak and the audience should also hear everyone: save yourself large conversions or installations in halls. Because with the battery-powered system from Vissonic, they transmit everything spoken via Wifi – and thanks to built-in speakers, all members also hear directly what was said!

We have had Vissonic’s CLEACON-W microphone units in our technology park since 2023. The product is a wireless conference system with DSP, network function, recording and camera tracking.

We use the gooseneck microphone units mostly for press conferences and citizen information events. And: we directly combine the transmission with our cameras: because the built-in camera tracking function allows us to have the camera always catch the current speaker.

Ask us if you are interested in renting or buying Vissonic products. We will advise you, put together an attractive offer and provide you with everything from a single source: 089 41 453 10